2Beezy - La prima piattaforma di scambi al mondo

The World's First Trade Marketplace

2Beezy enables users around the world to trade and collect clothing items they have always wanted, creating a platform that will automate, regularise and revolutionise the trade experience.

Our Goals

Technological Efficiency
Networking and Community
innovation in the market
Partners and Sponsorships


Eco-sustainability is at the heart of 2Beezy. In addition to exchanging items, we promote environmentally practices and waste reduction.

Circular Economy
Emission Reduction
Environmental Respect

Development Timeline

Early Development Phase

Development and launch of platform with possible testing of pricing plans. Strategic partnerships with couriers and logistics providers, considering environmental sustainability.

1-5 Months

Launching Phase

Launch of 2Beezy with targeted marketing campaign. Promotion through social, influencers and partnerships.

5-8 Months

Growth and Continuous Improvement Phase

Monitoring and analysing usage for improvements. Expansion of the range of services offered.

8-15 Months

Consolidation and Innovation Phase

Launch of new features based on feedback and trends. Expansion of users and consolidation of market presence.

15-24 Months

Expansion and Sustainability Phase

Environmental Awareness and Circular Economy. International partnerships to promote the platform and global expansion.

24 + Months

Trade Plans

Direct Plan

  1. Trade directly with other users, without the intermediation of 2Beezy.

Middleman Plan

  1. Trade with the intermediary of 2Beezy. the exchanged packs arrive at the 2Beezy warehouse, a suitability check of the goods is carried out and they are then directed to the respective receivers.
Most used

Check Plan

  1. Trade with the intermediation and authenticity verification of 2Beezy. the exchanged packs arrive at our warehouses, are checked for authenticity and if suitable addressed to the respective receivers.

The Team

Megliola Lorenzo

Lorenzo, a streetwear insider and business development enthusiast, has a broad view of trends and consumer needs. He has guided 2Beezy to become a multifaceted exchange platform thanks to his continuous knowledge acquired through communities of enthusiasts, courses and discussions with experts in the startup world. This is reflected in 2Beezy’s inclusive and diversified approach.

Daniele, a deep connoisseur of technology, translates innovative ideas into advanced solutions. His passion for fluid user experiences drives 2Beezy’s development. His continuous education through real-world experiences and technological research influences 2Beezy’s philosophy, adopting cutting-edge technologies for a unique experience.

Badea Daniele

Badea Daniele

Daniele, profondo intenditore tecnologico, traduce idee innovative in soluzioni avanzate. La sua passione per esperienze utente fluide guida lo sviluppo di 2Beezy. Appassionato di streetwear, crea uno scambio autentico e diversificato. La sua formazione continua attraverso esperienze reali e ricerca tecnologica influenza la filosofia di 2Beezy, adottando tecnologie all’avanguardia per un’esperienza unica.

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